Association management

Association management

If you’re looking to get long-term or permanent representation in Brussels, we can help you with the right strategy to establish your organisation.

Setting up an association in Brussels requires the right legal framework. To provide the full package, Lykke Advice has entered into partnership with Belgian legal counsel Koenraad Aerts.

We also have experience with corporate governance and board management in international industry associations. If you want to have your company or association set up and assisted by people experienced in policy at both a local and national level, we can offer our services including those of our Belgian legal counsel.

When working with European policymakers, it’s crucial to understand how the institutions work and how to influence the outcome of their decision-making processes. Once we have successfully set up your organisation, we can help you in building an engagement and advocacy strategy to build up a strong presence in Brussels, tackling the policy issues you’re facing and achieving your objectives.

See board profile of CEO Mette Lykke Nielsen

This work is done in cooperation with:

Legal Counsel Koenraad Aerts, Member of Brussels Bar.

Koenraad has many years of experience helping corporate clients and NGOs to meet disclosure requirements and report obligations. He has ensured that governance obligations and legal and regulatory requirements are met by board members and members of the management team. He has experience in litigation as well as out-of-court settlements (e.g. compliance issues, consultancy and management service agreements, corrective press statements, whistleblower claims, internal investigations and external audits).

Koenraad has accompanied clients with their representation office in Brussels across sectors such as European rail, European regions, EU food and agriculture, minerals etc.