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“EU Explainer for SMEs”, a coincise guide that provides an overview of the functioning of the three main EU institutions

Those who work in the EU bubble frequently hear EU policymakers discuss the central role that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) play in the European economy, how they represent around 99% of all EU businesses, and how policymakers tirelessly work to defend the interests and promote the flourishing of these companies.

And yet, you would need to overturn every stone in Brussels to find an SME representative that walks the corridors of the European Parliament, Commission or Council. Why is it so?

The imbalance against large companies

The leading reason behind the absence of SMEs in Brussels vis à vis large companies is, first and foremost, financially driven. Unlike SMEs, large companies have massive resources exclusively dedicated to lobbying and advocacy activities.

A boutique consultancy usually works with a relatively small team and has lower operating costs, thus having the room to offer competitive fees to their clients.

Distance and complexities

The complexity of the regulatory environment is another obstacle for SMEs. It is not easy for a small company with little or no experience in policymaking to navigate the EU bubble. From public consultations and legislative proposals by the European Commission, down to the tertiary legislation and the myriads of closed-door working groups and expert groups involved in it, the legislative process can be extremely intricate to untangle and makes it almost impossible for the inexperienced to understand when to speak to whom and about what.

Boutique consultancies are usually founded by senior experts with extensive experience and usually have an established presence of senior staff. In this way, they can offer clients expertise in specific policy fields and can rely on a broad network within the EU institutions as well as among the broader landscape of stakeholders, from business associations to NGOs, companies, agencies, and so on.

A perfect match

By hiring a boutique consultancy like Lykke Advice, SMEs can benefit in different ways compared to hiring a large consulting firm or doing nothing: they can have their voice heard and their interests represented before policymakers; and they can do so in a cost-effective, efficient, and tailor-made manner.

discover Our "EU Explainer for SMEs" guide

As part of our commitment to supporting SMEs in their efforts to engage with the EU and influence its policies, we have published the “EU Explainer for SMEs”, a coincise guide that provides an overview of the functioning of the three main EU institutions, namely the European Commission, the European Parliament, and the Council of the EU.